PRUVEEO Dash Cam, 4 Channel Camera FHD 1080Px4, Front, Left, Right and Rear, Front and Rear Inside, Built in GPS WiFi, 256 GB Max, Free 128GB Card, D90-4CH


  • [4 Channel Front and Rear and Inside Dash Cam] The quad FHD 1920*1080P dash cam's 150-degree super wide-angle lens and 3 inches huge LCD screen give sharper movies and images even when traveling at high speeds, and allow you to re-watch important moments. The first dash cam can simultaneously record the front and sides of the vehicle and the two cabin cameras can freely change the recording angles and rotate left and right allowing you to record in opposite directions as well.
  • [Built-in GPS] The D90-4CH dash cam features a built-in GPS and tracking speed capability, enabling it to accurately determine the vehicle's location, speed, time, and route on a map in real-time. By installing and utilizing the GPS player, the path taken by the vehicle can be visually traced on the right side of the player's display, while the coordinates ensure the exact location of any incident is recorded. This is crucial for obtaining roadside assistance and processing insurance claims.
  • [Quality Night Vision and Reassuring All-Weather Monitor] The cabin cameras have an F1.8 aperture and 4 infrared lights. In addition to producing incredibly clear recordings, its image performance will be far superior to that of other dash cams at night. The three cameras also have the latest, most sensitive night vision image sensor integrated right into them, so they can capture stunning images even in pitch-black spaces at night that protect you around the clock.
  • [Cutting-Edge Chip and Compact Design] This dashcam boasts a sleek and compact design, seamlessly integrating into any vehicle interior without obstructing the driver's view. Despite its small size, it is packed with the latest technology, featuring a cutting-edge chip that ensures superior performance and functionality.
  • [Easy Installation with No Battery] With the help of the reference images in our user manual, this D90-4CH dash camera is very simple to install and use. The accompanying suction mount is simple to install in a matter of seconds on your windshield. Add an SD card and link to the power source. There is no battery included to prevent mishaps from sun exposure, hot temperatures inside the automobile, or battery damage.
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