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Hands-On Gérald Genta Arena Mickey Mouse Playing Football

Swiss watch designer Gérald Genta was ahead of his time. The man who designed the Royal Oak and the Nautilus, singlehandedly kickstarting the extraordinarily coveted luxury sports watch genre, also anticipated another niche for watches inspired by characters borrowed from pop culture. When Genta decided to produce watches under his own name, he unleashed his […]

Modern Watches

modern watches Watches have come a long way since their original invention. From the traditional analogue watches to today’s digital smartwatches with myriad features, modern watches have become a stylish accessory and must-have item. This article provides an overview of the features and benefits of modern watches, along with a selection of the most popular […]


Independent watchmaker Brellum just took the veil off its latest creation, the last limited edition model to be released by this young brand in 2022. It is primarily black, and it looks beautiful. The Pandial LE.3 DD DLC Chronometer comes black-tie dressed, and is an evolution of the black-and-white Pandial LE.2DD Chronometer. There was also […]